Body Treatments cont..

Hot stone therapy dates back some 3000 years. It combines the benefits of thermotherapy and aromatherapy with Swedish massage strokes using hot basalt stones to create a deep, relaxing and healing treatment.
The heat from the stones 'prepares' the muscles for massage to allow the therapist to work on a deeper level. The therapystimulates the senses along the chakra points of the body and balances energy flow throughout the body.

This is a wonderfully soothing treatment which lulls you into a very deep state of relaxation followed by a feeling of renewed energy levels.
Hot Stone Therapy 1 1/4 hours $90
Colour therapy Far Infra-red sauna - An excellent way of stimulating the removal of waste products through the skin - known as the third kidney in Chinese medicine. A system of alternative medicine in which colours and their energy frequencies are used to correct psychological or physical imbalances. A more general definition simply states that chromotherapy is base on the premise that certain colours are infused with healing energies. Whatever words are used to define chromotherapy in the new millennium,numerous sources concur that utilizing colour for health treatments is a centuries-old concept.

Also a fabulous way to warm up muscle tissue before a massage to get maximum benefit from your treatment.
  One free session with massage treatment (not including pregnancy massage)
 *must be taken at time of treatment.
15 mins $8