Body Treatments

A deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment to unwind the body and calm the mind. Starts with a full body scrub to remove dry skin followed by a creamy, hydrating macadamia and honey body mask. Designed to pamper and indulge, this is a must for frayed nerves and stressed minds.
Relaxing cocoon wrap 1 hour $90
A deep acting treatment ideal for tired aching muscles. Enjoy a light massage to work away tension in the neck, shoulders and back. This is followed by a herbal thermal mask rich in essential oils and plant extracts formulated to release and relieve tension. Then followed again by deeper massage.
Thermal springs tension release 3/4 hour $75
Enjoy the sheer indulgence of a relaxation massage to sooth away aches, pains and the stress of life!
Swedish massage
Sports massage
Designed to prepare athletes for an upcoming event, or aid recovery after a vigorous workout. It helps to prevent injury, relax tight muscles, increase blood circulation and lymph flow and enhance the abilities and endurance of the athlete.
Pregnancy massage
(Not recommended for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy). Can provide relief from muscle cramps, spasms, myofacial pain especially in the lower back, neck, hips and legs. Increases blood and lymph circulation which can help reduce swelling.
Indian head massage
Based on the ancient healing system called Ayurveda. This treatment targets the upper back, shoulders, neck scalp and face - all areas where we hold a lot of stress and tension. This treatment is done while you sit in a chair and is ideal for people who do a lot of computer/desk work.
Our specialised massage therapist Tracey is available on:
Tues 9am-2.30pm Wed 9am-2.30pm
    Thurs 4pm-8pm
and one Saturday a month 9am-1pm
All massage is:
1/2 hour   $50
1 hour      $75